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Sandal season is back, so toss last summer’s cushy insoles and opt for the new Fragrant Footings® by Summer Soles. These luxury cushions are fully-equipped, garden-fresh inserts that use signature step-to-release technology that keep feet fresh and odor-free, now matter how hot or humid the weather. Available scents include jasmine, lemon and mint, in either black or nude colors and either absorbent or cushioned varieties. $11-$15, 888-773-9626 or
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Shine On

Bourjois Shimmering Shine Liquid Eye Shadow Refresh your look with a power-packed dose of shine, hydration and show-stopping pigments. Easy-to-apply, never sticky and perfect for warm, summer months, this cooling shadow creates gorgeous metallic looks with 8 shimmering shades. $16 each,
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Got Backne?

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Bod
y Unclog pores and reduce excess oil from head to toe with this super-sized bar soap that soothes and calms irritated, acne-prone skin. $12.50,
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Whipped Dream

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Whip Moisture Cream
The weightless, aerosolized formula absorbs quickly and keeps skin soft and fragrant with six delicious scents including cotton candy, grape, strawberry, apple, vanilla and berry. $12 each,
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