"Best Of" nail tips by JESSICA

JESSICA, manicurist to the stars for 30 years, has an exclusive understanding of varying nail types and conditions and as a result, has revolutionized the industry and altered the way in which manicures are offered today.  Below are some of her “Best Of” tips to help with common nail ailments:

 Polish chipping after one day?  You can get it to last longer with a few simple steps:
- Make sure that your nails are clean (oils and creams on the nail plate will hinder the polish’s ability to adhere)
- Gently file the nail in one direction and make sure that there are no rough edges
- Cover the entire nail with polish, including under and over the nail, all sides and edges
- Apply another coat of topcoat the day after your manicure to help keep nails in tip-top shape

 Running low on time or don’t want to splurge on a manicure this week?  Here is how to fake it:
-  Start with clean, dry nails. Massage a cuticle oil like Phenomen Oil with natural Jojoba into cuticles and nails to make them look pink and healthy.  If necessary, file nails so they are smooth and evenly shaped.
-  Next, wash hands to make sure excess oil is removed. Apply 2 coats of the appropriate basecoat treatment for your nail type, 2 coats of light, sheer color and finish with fast-drying top coat like Brilliance that gives nails a high gloss shine. The light color will hide any polishing imperfections and your cuticles will look and feel pampered 
Are your nails ridge-prone? 
- Ridges are a common problem.  “Buffing” the ridges with a strong grit buffer will damage the nail plate.  Since most ridges cannot be corrected as they are a result of a Systemic illness or by an injury to the nail bed, JESSANA Flexible Fix and JESSICA Flawless products beautifully conceal the ridges, leaving a smooth finish on the nail.  Now you can apply your polish without any signs of imperfections.
-Secret tip: The safest way to buff the nail is with an old fashioned Shami cloth. 

Frustrated with your polish turning yellow? 
- This occurs from overexposure to the sun or a chemical reaction with crèmes and lotions or detergents and cleansers. The most important thing to do is choose a topcoat with UV inhibitors to help prevent yellow.  Also, be sure to wear gloves when cleaning, this will help protect nails and hands.

Not only does JESSICA offer great tips and nail care products, the toluene-, formaldehyde- and phalate-free color line  offers chic collections of seasonal hues in addition to permanent collection colors. For winter 2009, rich shades are presented to accentuate cold-weather style and is aptly names "Bay It's Cold Outside." Each polish retails for $7.50 and is available for purchase at www.jessicacosmetics.com.

From Left to Right: 644: Midnight Mist (Grape); 643: Divine Pine (Hunter Green); 642: Frost At All Cost (Green Slate); 645: Black Ice (Shimmering Black)
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