Have I Told You About Priori CoffeeBerry Perfecting Minerals?

I'm always skeptical of loose powder foundations. I typically find them messy and pricey with a lackluster finish and sub-par coverage. 

Then I discovered Priori CoffeeBerry 100% Natural SPF 25 Perfecting Minerals

CoffeeBerry extract is a skin-lightening antioxidant that evens tone, resulting in younger looking skin. It is nature’s most potent anti-aging botanical, which fights free radicals and the causes of skin aging. However, what I love most about this Priori product is that you may push all of the anti-aging benefits of this foundation aside, and you are still left with an all-natural, good-for-you formula that provides perfecting coverage with a flawless, long lasting finish. Basically, this loose powder foundation is everything I have always wanted Bare Escentuals to be. Its only con: there is no escaping the loose powder formula mess, unfortunately. $45, prioriskincare.com
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