What is Crystalift?

Perhaps one of the biggest beauty breakthroughs of the past few months, Crystalift is an at-home microdermabrasion system that offers a true alternative to expensive in-office treatments that can cost thousands of dollars. The tabletop unit uses a patent pending process that combines two new technologies — crystal resurfacing and vacuum-lift therapy — to gently lift away old, dead and damaged skin cells allowing newer, fresher skin cells to emerge for a healthy, radiant glow. $249, crystalift.com


Anonymous said...

HAPPY CRYSTALIFT CUSTOMER HERE! I bought one for me and one as a gift for my mom and we both LOVE it!! Honestly, my skin has never felt smoother (and you do notice results right away)!

I purchased the machines from Mind Body Shop (as I noticed their price was lower than I had seen elsewhere and their service was great!). Click below for more details:

Crystalift Skin Resurfacing Microdermabrasion Vacuum

It is just like a smaller version of the expensive crystal microdermabrasion machines used in spas and salons.

If you get regular treatments (or wish you could), the Crystalift is sure to save you money (in my area professional microdermabrasion treatments start at $150.00 each!!).

August 13, 2008 at 5:07 PM
Jenny said...

wow, thats a great price! Thanks!
August 15, 2008 at 8:37 PM

Jimmy said...

One of the best microdermabrasion products out there. Thanks for sharing!


June 26, 2013 at 11:27 AM
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