Review: Rusk Coral Therapy Marine Nutrient Treatment

This morning was my first hair wash since getting my color touched up on Saturday. I typically try to wait as long as possible for my first wash after color to avoid the brassiness that my blonde typically takes on from hard water. After assessing the product situation in my shower, I deciding to look for something new in my stash and came across this Rusk Coral Therapy Marine Nutrient Treatment. According to the Rusk web site:

Rusk coral therapy™, a NEW detangling regiment that strengthens, softens and protects hair with UVA and UVB inhibitors! Coral Therapy™ is a revolutionary three-step approach to healthy, shiny, soft and tangle-free hair. Step one uses a combination of natural proteins to strengthen the hair's cortex. In step two bio-marine extracts and silicones smooth the outer cuticle. Step three uses penetrating and sealing UVA/UVB inhibitors to protect the hair both internally and externally from damaging sunrays. This unique triple-action system addresses the entire hair structure, leaving each strand in optimal condition and is ideal for all hair types and conditions.

Somehow, I only had the treatment in my possession, but decided I would follow up today's shampoo & conditioner (I opted for one of my absolute favorites: Alterna Caviar Collection) with the Rusk treatment. The 6 oz. tub is sturdy yet cheerful in shades of peach and coral, and the thick, slightly tinted cream within smells fruity and fresh. I followed the suggested application directions (massage through clean, wet hair and leave in for 2-3 minutes). I needed to rinse about 4 times before I felt that no residue was being left behind, but there was no waxy or heavy feel. I think i might have over-applied by totally coating every strand from root to tip. A quarter sized dollop surely would have been enough, but I used a golf ball sized amount. After a towel dry and a quick blow out, I could still smell that fresh, salon smell, but didn't notice any added shine. I did find it easier to comb out my long, fine hair, but the texture seemed the same as it does any other day. However, I would be interested in trying the treatment again, as a part of the suggested, 3-step system.


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