Estee Lauder Introduces The Sensuous Anniversary Collection

In celebration of  the first anniversary of the launch of Sensuous, a scent that “every woman wears her way,” Estée Lauder unveils six new ways to wear the woody amber fragrance. The Collection will be available for a limited time beginning July/August 2009 at Estée Lauder counters nationwide and 

Sensuous Velvet Body Creme

6.7 fl. oz /200 ml $49.50 (available July 2009)

The Velvet Body Creme is drenched in decadence.  The delectable potion is rich with moisturizers and conditioners that will leave the body hydrated and seductively perfumed.  To heighten the experience, massage in everywhere, especially décolletage, arms, legs, heels and elbows.


Sensuous Sheer Body Oil

3.4 fl. oz /100 ml $42.00 (available July 2009)

Sleek and sexy, the modern Sheer Body Oil is inspired by the unmistakable femininity of radiant skin.  This intensely moisturizing dry oil spray is absorbed by the natural warmth of the body, leaving skin glossy and accented with the memorable Sensuous fragrance.  Apply to the entire body, especially décolletage, arms, legs, heels and elbows.


Sensuous Touch-On Solid Perfume

0.09 oz / 2.6 g $120.00 (available July 2009)

Delicate, yet provocative, the Touch-On Solid Perfume is traditionally one of the most sensual ways to wear fragrance.  Applied directly to the pulse points, the unique, creamy texture responds to the most seductive parts of the body: the décolletage, wrists, behind the ears and the backs of the knees.  The scent is artfully encased in a jewel-like pendant necklace that reflects the passion and romance of the wearer.      


Sensuous Touch-On Fragrance

0.33 oz / 10 ml $39.50 (available July 2009)

Stroke it on pulse points and everywhere you want a sheer touch of sensuality. Warms on the skin to radiate the luxurious notes of Sensuous.


Sensuous Parfum

0.25 oz / 7 ml $95.00 (available July 2009)

Experience Sensuous in its most concentrated form – long-lasting and intriguingly sensual.


Sensuous 15 ml Eau de Parfum

0.5 oz / 15 ml $29.50 (available August 2009)

Now you can take Sensuous with you wherever you go.  The 15 ml bottle is priced just right for you or to give as a gift.  Keep it in your purse or carry on luggage so it’s handy at all times.



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