How Cute Is This? Sonia Kashuk Hidden Treasure Brush Set

Normally I opt for super-high quality makeup brushes, but when I saw this delightful set in Target, I just couldn't resist! The set of 6 brushes are OK in terms of quality (I have tried brushes that are FAR worse), and made of synthetic fibers. With decorative handles that look like coral formations from the depths of the sea dipped in silver, the brushes cater mostly to eye makeup application, with one bigger brush that's suitable for applying blush. If you're using top quality makeup, you shouldn't really notice too much of a difference when applying pigments, but the chic white case adorned with an orangey-red coral design really makes up for any quality shortfalls. I plan on keeping the case long after the brushes get trashed as it would be a convenient storage solution for eye liner and brow pencils. $19.99,


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