NEW: Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka

Beloved jewelry brand Judith Ripka has joined forces with Essie to launch the must-have beauty accessory of the season: Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka.  The extremely limited edition collection (only 30,000 bottles produced) will be available beginning August 2009 and features three brilliant shades infused with genuine diamond dust. In all three --“Put A Ripka Ring on It” (soft, blush pink), “Queen of Hearts”  (vivid red), and “Heart of my JR Jewels” (dark, glam-gothic hue with hints of brown and plum) -- the diamond dust infusion provides a sophisticated sparkle that is far from girly glitters. Like the typical Judith Ripka consumer, this is a collection meant to be appreciated by those who enjoy life’s finer things, and aren’t afraid to flaunt them. In addition, special promotions like discounts on Judith Ripka jewelry will be available at both the Essie and Judith Ripka websites, and three lucky buyers will have the chance of finding one of three precious gemstones (a diamond, an emerald and a sapphire -- all approximately one carat in weight) within one bottle of each nail polish color! I haven't found any stones in my bottles, but I am going to keep looking! I also plan on getting my toes done up in "Queen of Hearts" later this week, and I can't wait! $15 each,


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