Makeup Artist Kimara Ahnert: tips for taking a foolproof picture

Translating your makeup look from real life to pictures can be quite the difficult task. Luckily, premiere New York Makeup Artist Kimara Ahnert shares insider tips on how to look your very best in photos. 

Make Eyes POP!
To make eyes really stand out, line the inside rim with a white pencil.  Apply an iridescent shadow to the inner corners of the eye lid and dust the rest of the lid as well
Great camera eyes are created using shimmering shades of champagne, neutral, gold and copper.  The sheen shows off the sparkle within the eyes and creates the most impact, helping you to look beautiful, not painted
Always use mascara. Plump natural lashes by adding individual false eyelashes on the corners of your eyes and within your natural lash line
Even, Conceal and Contour
To reduce redness in the skin, apply a powder bronzer to the entire face. This will neutralize the redness and even out skin tone
To instantly contour the face, use a fan brush to sweep bronzer along the cheekbones, nose and jaw-line.  This will draw attention away from any redness or other flaw such as a large nose, and will accentuate the shape of the face
Use a cream-based blush on the ball of the cheek to create a flushed, "pinched cheek" look; even using your lipstick will help
Under eye concealers should be painted on with a concealer or foundation brush.  The best formula to use is a stick foundation for strongest and longest lasting coverage. Another great trick is to use an illuminating concealer to not only hide circles but brighten the entire eye area in one step
Create Fuller Lips
To maximize your smile, brush lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and create a fuller pout.  Then line lips outside of the natural lip-line, fill with your favorite lipstick and dab a pearlized gloss to the center of the lip for added “VaVoom”
To create shape, dab a shimmer eye shadow very subtly just over the top lip before lining to create the perfect “cupid’s bow”
LIP GLOSS ADVISORY – glossy lips are very sexy, but always use a gloss with color so you have definition with shine – it’s not as much about what color as what texture you choose
Troubleshooting and Bonus Tips
Cover a Big Zit - Start by painting on a cream foundation stick or dermablend to conceal.  Then set the concealer with a foundation powder using a make-up sponge.  If it’s a dry and flaky blemish, use Vaseline prior to using concealer; this will prevent it from getting cakey
Instantly Shrink your Nose - Contour the sides of your nose with a bronzer using a fan brush and highlight the bridge with a good concealer
Highlight - Powder highlighters work well to add shimmer and reflectiveness to your look.  Apply to the top of cheek bones, temples, d├ęcolletage and shoulders 
Color Code - No matter what, always have a pop of color somewhere – blush, lip or eyeshadow color


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