Buy Alterna, Help Haiti

Head over to and stock up on some awesome products from my all-time favorite hair care brand, Alterna. With every bonus size purchase of Caviar Rapid Repair or HEMP Spray Shine, Alterna will donate $2 to the Red Cross for Haitian relief efforts.

Caviar Rapid Repair Spray is designed to repair damage caused by stress, natural aging, the sun and the environment. Alterna's Age Control Complex uses caviar extract, vitamin C and cytokines to restore a healthy and youthful appearance and texture to the hair. Caviar extract provides omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C neutralizes free radicals with antioxidants and cytokines encourages microcirculation. Botanicals and vitamins prevent split ends and increase moisture levels, leaving the hair illuminated with shine and silky soft to the touch.

This nourishing spray wraps the hair in strengthening and protective ingredients while boosting radiance for a super shiny finish. Hemp Spray Shine works to illuminate hair without softening the hold of your styling products. Certified organic botanicals, proteins, minerals and vitamins work to keep the hair healthy and strong while enhancing softness for a gorgeous finish.