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While perusing tar-jay earlier today, I noticed a new line of mostly bath & body products (the somewhat limited collection included lip gloss, as well as body wash, scrub, butter, shimmer lotion and bubble bath) with kitchy, retro packaging reminiscent of the benefit line, and catchy product names similar to philosphy -- a given seeing as Marcia Kilgore also founded that brand 11 years ago. Her newest release Soap &Glory, which previously had only available at upscale outlets such as Barneys Co-Op stateside, and legendary Harvey Nichols in the U.K., pushes the envelope with punny names like The Righteous Butter, Clean on Me and Sexy Mother Pucker -- a plumping lip gloss. It will be interesting to see if the brand expands, or if this is a market that's been tapped out.


KW said...

I work together with a doctor who specializes in non-ablative laser cosmetic therapy, injectables, and topical skin care products and she mentioned a story that you may be interested in. Dr. Carol Clinton of Timeless Skin Solutions said that some lip products that plump up your lips can actually be harmful. Most lip plumpers use a chemical irritant to make the lips plump, but that irritant can cause allergic reactions (not a good look on Valentine's Day). Here are some other options that give you a plumper look and increase collagen without allergic potential.
If you want to go the non-injectable route, the TNS Lipplump System is for you. It uses marine filling spheres and hyaluronic acid filling spheres to increase volume by holding onto water. Peptides help stimulate collagen growth. The system also increases circulation to the lips without irritating them.
For longer lasting plumpness, Dr. Clinton also features injectables like Restylane or Juvederm (before/after pics)
Let me know if you have any questions. Dr. C is a great lady and a great doctor. I thought this type of info would be interesting to your readers (like me).


January 23, 2008 at 3:45 PM
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