Discover: Sonya Dakar

After assisting my husband and father-in-law with some drywall repairs around the house yesterday, I was reminded of a great product that has caused some heated debates in the beauty biz -- Cellular Patch Cream by celeb-skin authority, Sonya Dakar. An anti-aging product that claims to: Reduce wrinkles by 55%, increase firmness by 55% and increase collagen synthesis by 55%, it's no wonder people are expecting miracles at $155 for 1 oz, but let's get real -- not everyone will yield the same, positive results. A friend of mine, age 36, with dry skin found superior results with visible improvements on her fine lines after using the cream for about 3 months, but after just one application, my younger, combination skin reacted violently with a scattering of surface pimples.

Some other Sonya Dakar products worth trying:

The Red Grapefruit Wash is detergent-free and utilizes natural ingredients like cardamon and red grapefriut extract (obviously) to remove impurities and dirt without causing dryness and hypersensitivity. $40

Often described as a "Miracle Product" or a "Hollywood Secret" , Drying Potion contains a combination of all-natural ingredients that helps treat and eliminate breakouts -- FAST!
Namely, Dead Sea sulfur reduces redness and puffiness while lavender and chamomile calm the skin, sage disinfects and peppermint to stimulates blood circulation , which promotes quick healing and cell turnover. $25


Anonymous said...

Why is this stuff so expensive?

October 1, 2007 at 6:32 PM
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