Three Custom Color Specialists: FREE SAMPLES!

If you're unfamiliar with the brand Three Custom Color Specialists, now is a great time to try out some of their products.  They are offerring 3 FREE samples of their GENIUS Créme Concealer/Foundation with any purchase!! According to the web site:

"This versatile formula is appropriate for all skin types and is designed to provide the most effective coverage for redness and dark circles. Use in isolated areas with our Concealer brush or your fingers. For full coverage all over the face, use with a dry sponge. For sheer coverage, use a wet sponge or blend with moisturizer."

Three Custom Color Specialists is probably most known for custom color creations (obviously) and awesome ability to replicate your favorite discontinued shades for eyes, lips, skin, cheeks, and more! Just sent them a sample (if you have any left) or search through their extensive archives by brand and shade name, and in a short time you'll have that just-right mauve that you totally adored circa 1986!

Other products worth trying out:

"Simply Beautiful is slightly darker than the natural color of the lips and has hints of Gold and Silver shimmer. Available in a Full-coverage creamy Lipstick, a Sheer Lipstick for a softer and more shimmery look and a shiny Lip Gloss."

"As makeup artists, we believe that a perfectly manicured brow can change the face's entire appearance. It can mean the difference between looking put-together or, well, NOT. Our Brow Gel holds brows in place all day without ever flaking or feeling stiff. 
-For full brows that just need taming, try the Clear Brow Gel. 
-The Tinted Brow Gels are great for taming and adding a little volume to the brows, as well as subtly changing the brow color to match your hair (great for those of you who color your hair). Also great for covering grey brow hairs!"


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