These are rad : Color Volume 1 & 2 Limited Edition Polish by StrangeBeautiful


How gorgeous are these nail polishes? I have never been a huge polish fiend, but lately I feel myself strangely drawn to nearly every bottle I see. However, these super SUPER limited editions ( as I write this there's only 10 sets of color volume 1 available at totally caught my eye, despite their hefty price tag of $79 for each set  of 8 (in fact I think that might even make them that much more appealing). Here's the scoop according to

Volume 1 was inspired by the vibrant red Valentine typewriter designed by ETTORE SOTTSASS and his work with the MEMPHIS group of designers, who rejected the rules of “good taste” and functionalism, and regarded design as fashion, with outrageous style appearing for a season and quickly disappearing. Willful and provocative, the StrangeBeautiful library of color will change each season so grab it while you can. 

Volume 2, the limited edition collection launched for Spring 2009, takes inspiration from a variety of objects: The dull red color of a lobster shell; the dark dense saturated black purple inspired by the venerable J. Herbin ink company founded in1670; the slate blue color of a uniform in an 1846 Currier print; an interesting color palette of camouflage called Tan and Water; Oscar Wilde; the exuberant colors of the Federalist period. These inspirations are what came to mind when creating StrangeBeautiful’s richly perverse color saturated Volume 2.

StrangeBeautiful is also 3-free: no Formaldehyde, Toluene, or DBP!


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