Holiday Weekend Sip: White Sangria

I am so happy that it's a Holiday Weekend--ecstatic actually. I'm also really looking forward to preparing a batch of delicious White Sangria to sip on as as float my 3 days off away poolside. The recipe is super simple, and offers a light alternative to traditional, red sangria--perfect for day drinking under the sun!

White Sangria
--recipe adapted from The New York Times. Image courtesy of


2 small peaches
1 small pear
1 small orange (I recommend using a Blood Orange if you can find one)
1.5 Cups Apple Juice (choose a reduced  sugar option, if available)
1 cup Cointreau
1 cup Club Soda
1 bottle sparkling white wine (Cava or Moscato d'Asti)

Slice the fruit into bite sized pieces and place in a large pitcher. Pour in the sparkling wine, juice and Cointreau. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours to draw out flavors from the fruit. Add the Club soda and stir. Spoon some fruit into the ice filled cocktail glass of your choice, and top with liquids. Makes 8 servings.


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