Parlez-Vous Français?

The French Manicure & Pedicure... Despite being branded tacky by industry icons like Anna Wintour, they remain mainstream. Typically done up with a white tip and sheer white or pink base, I think French styles offer a natural look and are refreshing alternatives to the dark, goth hues that have been so de rigueur

Now, if you're addicted to the professional salon mani/pedi, you know that the attention to detail usually requires and extra fee, usually about $5 each for toes and hands--sometimes more! Luckily we now have some easy-to-use at-home options that promise--and deliver--professional results.

Perfect Formula French Manicure Kit
With three simple steps, your nails will boast a salon-quality look from the comfort of home. Even novice nail polishers (like me!) find the process super-simple. 

1. Paint one coat of the Bright Base Coat and let dry for 2 minutes. The Bright Base Coat gives nails a natural, healthy look, and the nail brightener formula brings out the beauty of your natural nail color and eliminates any yellowing.
2. Use the White Wand to paint the tip of the nail. It was specially designed for easy application, and the water based formula is correctable until sealed. Let dry for 2 minutes
3. Paint one coat of Sealer over the entire nail. Let dry, and you'll be left with a dazzling,  high gloss finish. 

The Perfect Formula French Manicure Kit is $27 at

Or, if you really doubt your nail polishing skills, an even easier option is available thanks to KISS Products. Their Everlasting Nail Kits include a EverLasting French option for hands and feet. Just secure the thin, pre-designed nail with some glue for a few weeks of chip-free beauty. Plus, they won't damage natural nails, can be filed to any length or shape and even help natural nails grow! $5.99,


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Are the Kiss nails like Lee Press Ons?

May 29, 2009 at 9:11 AM
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