Thirsty Thursday!

I know it's a short work week, but it's seriously been a while since I have been looking forward to Thirsty Thursday this much. I picked up an interesting-looking bottle of Pinot Grigio yesterday during my run to Whole Foods. Now, this stuff isn't fancy--in fact it was on sale for $6.99--but I would totally buy it again!

Rex-Goliath Pinot Grigio 2008: A California twist to an Italian Classic, this pinot grigio is bright and juicy with unmistakable fruity-floral flavors. A hint of oakiness that I typically associate with chardonnay can be picked up in the bouquet but the bursting pear-citrus finish promises smooth sips that would be delightful to savor with some bites of brie or Camembert. I think this would also be fabulous with some fresh little neck clams sauteed with garlic, butter and lemon juice.


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